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Where to get it


Browse our version control system at or point your git client at


Don't forget to grab Jifty::DBI from git too with

git clone git://

Jifty in the git repo often requires a newer Jifty::DBI than the ones on CPAN or in the repos below.


Browse Jifty's documentation or download a fresh copy.

Install via CPAN with the command:

perl -MCPAN -e'install Jifty'

Windows (ActiveState Perl)

See for details.

Basically, type these at the command line:

1) ppm rep add tcool
2) ppm rep
3) ppm rep off (number) to disable all the other repositories (strongly recommended)
4) ppm install Jifty

If you use older ActivePerl ( and older):

1') ppm rep add tcool

and do the same.

Debian / Ubuntu

Since Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) and Debian Squeeze

apt-get install jifty

for optional plugins

apt-cache search jifty plugin
Backports on repository
  • Jifty 0.90519 for Debian Lenny

    deb lenny jifty


apt-get update
apt-get install jifty

for optional plugins

apt-cache search jifty plugin


If you don't have it already installed, emerge the ultimate gentoo/cpan tool 'g-cpan'

emerge g-cpan

then use it to build ebuilds for Jifty and everything it depends on for which no ebuilds exists yet and install everything via these created ebuilds:

g-cpan -i Jifty

This will take a lot of time even on a fairly potent system, ~15min on a Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz with 2GB RAM (It will build ebuilds for and emerge ~75 packages). Jifty::DBI will be installed automatically.

Note that g-cpan will use the first overlay it finds - if you are using layman, you might want to check these settings before using g-cpan; for additional information check the g-cpan manual page

man g-cpan

How to upgrade it

Basically, just re-install latest versions of Jifty and Jifty::DBI from CPAN or the repositories shown above. That is the easiest way.

This would checkout both Jifty and Jifty::DBI among others (if you've already checked them out, just 'git pull').

3) You can install both Jifty and Jifty::DBI with 'perl Makefile.PL && make install' in the respective directories

3') Or you can set PATH and PERL5LIB environmental variables to tell your perl where you checked out Jifty and Jifty::DBI (point to the 'bin' and 'lib' directories under the checked-out directory respectively).

Sometimes you might need to install new dependencies from CPAN or other repos. And don't forget to 'make test' to confirm that the latest version after a 'git pull' works for you.