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What's with the name?

Early on, we were calling the framework JFDI. That name doesn't scale into corporate America very well. "Jifty" is pronounced JIFF-tee and doesn't stand for anything, though it is a nifty way to build applications in a jiffy.


Who wrote this thing?

Jesse Vincent is Jifty's architect. (You may know Jesse from RT.) David Glasser built much of Jifty's early implementation. Alex Vandiver has been responsible for much of the Magic that lets Jifty help you get stuff done. He's written huge chunks of the code, refactored much of what he didn't write and documented damn near everything. Here's the full list of authors.

Who uses it?

BestPractical's Hiveminder is written entirely in Jifty.


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Who's responsible for this code?

Best Practical Solutions were the original sponsors of the Jifty framework.


How is Jifty licensed?

Jifty is available under the same terms as Perl 5.8. (You have the choice of the Artistic License or Version 2 of the GNU GPL)


What's new in the world of Jifty?

As of July 15th, 2010, the most recent version of Jifty on CPAN is 0.91117, uploaded on the 17th November 2009. Here is the full changelog.