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Severely Embarassing

  • Extract Jifty tests into Jifty. * Right now most tests are in one of BPS's internal applications, even core Jifty features.

Minorly Embarassing

* Every class needs an intro and a code sample 
  • Not all deps are in the deps bundle.

  • Admin UI

    • view/edit could be dropped to one component with different args

Makes The Toolkit Less Than Useful

  • API browser?


  • More docs

  • Sample Applications

  • More tests. Right now a large number of the Jifty tests are wrapped up in Best Practical's secret project. Jifty needs more tests, probably tied to more sample apps.

  • Screencasts. All the cool kids are doing it.

  • A unified style for the wiki, svnweb, lists and RT

  • A pony

    • We really need a nice pony logo
    • Does the current one count?


  • Roll back to a previous page version with one click (instead of finding it, edit, and then save)
  • Email password reminders
  • RSS feeds (updates, page changes)
  • Wiki syntax chart cleanup