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If you app shows you a totally messy page like this, that means you bump into some character set issues with you database.

Assuming that you're using UTF-8 everywhere, which is highly recommended. Your database handle might not be configured to be so if you are seeing mojibake.

If you are using mysql server with DBD::mysql, you should at least pass mysql_enable_utf8. Edit your config.yml or site_config.yml and spot the Database part, add a new key named extra like the following example:

    Database: awesome_app_development
    Driver: mysql
    Host: localhost
    Password: ohai
    User: 'root'
      mysql_auto_reconnect: 1
      mysql_enable_utf8: 1

The value of extra is passed thru to DBI->connect. The full list of options is in the POD of DBD::mysql.